What is my IP address?

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Multiple command line HTTP clients are supported, including curl, httpie, GNU Wget and fetch.

CLI examples

$ curl -s wp.smvm.me

$ http -b wp.smvm.me

$ wget -qO- wp.smvm.me

$ fetch -qo- https://wp.smvm.me

$ bat -print=b wp.smvm.me/ip

JSON output

$ curl -s wp.smvm.me/json | jq .
	"country_eu": false,
	"country": "United States",
	"ip": "",
	"longitude": "-77.4729",
	"latitude": "39.0481",
	"country_iso": "US",
	"city": "Ashburn"

Setting the Accept: application/json header also works as expected.

Plain output

Always returns the IP address including a trailing newline, regardless of user agent.

$ curl -s wp.smvm.me/ip